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In no particular order:

(If you wish to leave your testimonial about what collectiveUth means to U, please send us an email or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

  • collectiveUth  is a organization that the youth dance community should be proud of. They are an true example of amazing talent and camaraderie amongst young dancers across the nation. I feel honored to have worked with them and to be able to continue to invest in their growth!
    – David Moore, choreographer (LA)
  • collectiveUth is one of the best things to happen in 2011.  It has changed the lives of many and brought together our future generation to teach them honor, respect, and self awareness.  I strongly believe those associated with the organization will change the world!
    – Ben Allen, choreographer (LA), DancePlug Host, and Groov3 founder
  • When I think of collectiveUth… love, unity, respect, hardworking, inspiration, community, outreach, future, are just some words that come to mind.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Andrea and some of the most amazing dancers this world has ever seen.  collectiveUth has changed the dance community here in the states in a huge way and soon, all over the world.  I am excited to see what’s next!
    – Donald D-Ray Colson, choreographer (ATL)
  • collectiveUth, to me, is inspiration.  From the youngest kid to adult.  It’s hope, passion, determination, and faith.  It’s a collective dream we are all aiming for while supporting one another, and a family when you need one.
    – Janelle Ginestra, choreographer (LA) and Camp Pulse Faculty
  • collectiveUth has been a gateway for up and coming dancers and choreographers to connect in our community.  Fortunately for us, it isn’t based off of competition, egos, or popularity.  It’s become a family that now has the opportunities to network, enlighten the youth about  the industry, and bring hope and a new light to all dancers and choreographers!
    – Willdabeast, dancer & choreographer
  • collectiveUth brings kids of all walks of life together to learn from industry professionals in a POSITIVE environment.  A great program for our young dance community to grow and train with each other, while supporting along the way.
    – Todd Flanagan, choreographer (LA)
  • collectiveUth allows kids to showcase their talents at a professional level… connecting them with industry professionals giving them inside experience.  It promotes an active lifestyle and teaches kids to support one another in their endeavors.  collectiveUth is community.  Family. Friendship. Love. and Passion.  With focus on nurturing our young talent to become successful in whatever they chose to do.
    – Nico O’Connor, choreographer (LA)
  • One of the only communities for dancers that isn’t about competing.  It is about inspiring, growing, and creating new relationships with others young and full of passion.  collectiveUth empowers kids to be greater by giving them opportunities to grow in many ways, and they even inspire me in return.
    – Will Sikora, videographer
  • collectiveUth had been amazing! It has been a way for my daughter to dance with kids from a variety of different backgrounds. It gives young dancers a voice in an industry that has previously overlooked the power of kids. I think it gives kids an amazing performance and collaboration opportunities and allows choreographers to showcase their work with some of the worlds best dancers. Most of all it’s been amazing to get to know and work with Andrea and all the other parents dedicated to collectiveUth.
    – Mara Tyler, mom & cU AFFILIATE Studio owner (North Hollywood)
  • collectiveUth has been very exciting for Alexus & I. From day 1 it has been an amazing experience. I think that Andrea Jasper has been awsome with getting all the kids together in the dance community to make collectiveUth a successful journey! She has done soooo much for the kids with opportunities to motivate them and help them follow their dreams. She created a movement that no one else has! Thanks you Andrea for all you have done…… 🙂
    – Jennifer Scelsi, mom
  • A wonderful dance alliance for all to join that’s collectiveUth! Founder Andrea Jasper is committed to joining forces with the nations best Choreographers and dance studios from coast to coast and most committed youth dancers so they all can learn and be inspired in becoming the best they can be!
    – Melissa Tampi, mom
    – Joni Vaughns, mom
  • collectiveUth brings our kids and parents closer together at a more rapid pace because we are able to feel more at ease with people who understand each other’s accomplishments and obstacles. […]. Even the teams/crews we join have a pleasant mix of cU kids on them allowing us to watch over one another throughout the season. The experiences are unique to one another & often we can connect without hesitation because we know the parents are part of our cU Family […]. collectiveUth is a tremendous organization that compliments Linz’s goals. Thank you Andrea Jasper for the time & dedication you give up from your own family to connect others together through friendships, collaboration and commitment.
    – Diane Prescott, mom
  • collectiveUth… is providing the opportunity for young amazing talented children and their parent’s from different areas and studios to join together and form a family. A family that supports each other in the good times and the bad, encourages each other to do their best, laughs together, cries together, prays together, hopes together and grows togehter! It is something that I have never seen before in any other sport community. It is amazing!!! cU is connecting dancers with opportunities!
    – Kelly Jenkins Jones, mom
  • collectiveUth to me means a group of people coming together like a family and supporting each other to just dance their heart out and follow their dreams…..also cU pulls out the confidence in everyone and just gives us so many opportunities that not everyone gets to have in a lifetime and we are blessed to be apart of cU 🙂 thank you for all the things you have done for us! 🙂
    – Genneya Walton, UTH (LA)
  • collectiveUth means to me a place where I can share the same love and passion I have for dance with others who do too… Everyone empowers me to be the best person and dancer I can be… It gives me inspiration, courage, and faith in myself.. collectiveUth is a family that will always stay in my heart and I’m excited to have more wonderful adventures with them…
    – Ashley Nelson, UTH (LA)
  • Dance family, unity, support others, love for one another,opportunities to express their talents.
    – Theresa Wagner, mom
  • collectiveUth means family, love, support and inspiration. Thank you Ms Andrea for this group and this amazing family!! I love collectiveUth and all the wonderful opportunities you’ve given us to dance with and for great teachers. I love you!!
    – Krytel Racewicz, UTH
  • collectiveUth means talented, dedicated kids being not only seen but heard. These are the amazing dancers that otherwise would be lost in the middle of an adult class or even not allowed to dance in the advance class because they’re not old enough. collectiveUth is an opportunity for these kids to be brought together to step away from “forrest of adults” in class to be seen and heard to the rest of the world. Right now they are mighty loud!
    – Debbie Starkman, mom
  • What collectiveUth means to me is being able to come together and unite as a family. We are all blessed to express our own style of dance and coming together as a whole we help make the world go round. I know a lot of people, but to know those who share your passion is priceless. Thank Mrs Andrea for helping the dance community come together as one big happy family. Being in collectiveUth inspires me to go futher in everything I do. I love you that you followed your heart.
    – Leeah D, UTH
  • collectiveUth is a group of people that basically come together to do what we love, share, laugh, hugs, knowledge, and memories!  It’s not all about DANCE… and what I love the most is that every last cU member is treated equally with respect!  So, to me, collectiveUth means FAMILY!  “All for one, and one for all!”  I’ve learned so much from all the choreographers, parents, kids, and, most of all, ANDREA. =)  I thank and love you all!
    – Deja Carter, UTH (LA/Philly)
  • collectiveUth is an opportunity for some of the most sought after professionals in the commercial dance industry to reach out, educate and spread the art of dance to a new generation. All over the country, they are bringing together youth in massive numbers.  Andrea has organized and motivated so many young people to come out and reach for their dreams as dancers.  It’s inspiring to see a group of them already succeed on such popular shows as MTV’s ABDC.  I hope that the potential of this organization is soon recognized for the inspirational work they are doing and have yet to do.
    – George Jones, professional dancer & choreographer (LA/NYC)
  • collectiveUth means to me a NEWER GENERATION of Talented kids that will fight to be a unity! That will fight to share a love and a passion and use that Gift to inspire a new way of LIVING! To show that together with love and support we can lift eachother up instead of tearing eachother down! Give kids a different kind of outlet something that will encourage them to make the right choices, something that will lead back to one thing and one thing only and that is LOVE!
    – Kolanie Marks, feature film choreographer (“Battlefield America” 6/1/12) &  studio owner The Connection Perf. Arts Center (Seattle), a cU AFFILIATE Studio
  • What collectiveUth means to me is kids and parents with the same passions becoming friends, growing and becoming FAMILY.  Supporting each other in our accomplishments and our sorrows, even if we never met them.  I never feel like we are in competitions with one another when it comes to auditions or the next cU video or whatever fun performance/job Andrea has provided u!  I feel so lucky to be a part of collectiveUth.  There are not enough ways to say thank you, but to always make sure we are representing collectiveUth the best and most respectful ways always.
    – Juan Guardado, UTH (LA)
  • I believe in collectiveUth and its affiliation programs. collectiveUth and Andrea Jasper will change the way all dance studios educate and train their young dancers throughout the country.  collectiveUth brings positive and effective dance training through their amazing teachers.
    – Dale Lam, Artistic Director at Columbia City Jazz Company, an AFFILIATE Studio
  • collectiveUth is unique and brings a group of people together of all ages who share the same passion for dance. This group has brought so much love and unity in the world of dance.  What would the world do without it? If you share the same passion for dance, then collectiveUth is for you! THANK YOU ANDREA FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND COMMITMENT!
    – Marian Capitule, mom & collectiveUth BAYarea Community Host
  • collectiveUth is the most special opportunity for young dancers. cU connects us with amazingly talented kids and choreographers from all over the US and we are instantly like family. cU let’s me share my passion with friends that are just like me! I love the support and confidence it brings to us all. And we are so lucky to to have such cool experiences through cU. Thank you Miss Andrea Jasper for opening this door for me. I now KNOW that all my dreams are possible no matter how old I am!!! I ♥ CollectiveUth!!!
    – Tessa Bella, UTH (LA)
  • collectiveUth to me means a group of dancers coming together and sharing there passion. There’s absolutely no competition…just lots of love and support because we are a family! I have made so many new friends through collective uth. Cu gives us amazing oppurtunities I probably would never be able to experience. Thank you so much Andrea for everything you do for us! I’m so proud to be in collective uth ♥
    – Kiana Mariano, UTH (LA)
  • collectiveUth means a place where everyone comes together and shares the same passion! It is also a place full of amazing opportunities! With out Andrea non of this would have happened! I gain confidence and I’m glad it is a place where there is no competition! I love collectiveUth soooo much!♥
    – Melia Mariano, UTH (LA)
  • collectiveUth is a big family!! It is such an inspiration to be surrounded by so many different types of dancers who share the same passion for the same art. Thank you Andrea, for your brilliant, creative mind, and loving heart! ♥ ♥ I love my cU family!
    – Lia Bourne, UTH (LA) & Intern
  • collectiveUth has been a place of outpouring love and support for all the children who share the love of dance. collectiveUth has given my children a place of safety and a feeling of belonging. The kids in collectiveUth are not out to compete against each other, but are there to cheer one another on and be there during the roughest of times. This organization has exemplified what friendship is all about. Andrea has somehow taken her vision for collectiveUth and made it into something bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. Her unwavering kindness has given many children opportunities they would not have had from any other place. We are very blessed to be part of collectiveUth and with PRIDE we will continue to represent all the positive affirmations it stands for. WE LOVE collectiveUth!!!
    – April Simmons, mom
  • collectiveUth means to me being around other kids that share the same passion for dance as I do. And having fun, supporting each other while making friends. I love collectiveUth.
    – Kade Pait, UTH (LA)
  • collectiveUth to me is a family. I love being apart of collectiveUth because it inspires me to become a better dancer. The fact that I get to travel to the West coast or wherever it may be, to team up with others to share our love for dance is amazing.(NY! in the house) Being together is the best part. Being around talented and positive people, has a really big impact on me as a person. I see nothing but success, and a positive future for everyone. Andrea! you are the Bomb!!!. Thank you for making things happen! I am a proud member of collectiveUth!! I will represent cU to the fullest! #Lehgoooo #Swag #dance #Love #collectiveUth #Family #Makethingshappen @MARZ
    – Marcellus Brown, UTH (NYC)